2020 Church Services & Clairvoyant Evenings With Pauline

CE  -  Clairvoyant Evening
CS  -  Church Service
GM  -  Guided Meditation
SE  -  Special Event

Open Arms HavenSunday 19th January 20207.30pmCE
Brentwood Spiritualist ChurchWednesday 22nd January 20207.30pmCE
Pelly Court Community HallFriday 24th January 20207.30pmSE
Randall Memorial Christian Spiritualist ChurchSunday 26th January 20206.00pmCS
Brightlingsea Spiritualist MovementTuesday 28th January 20207.30pmCE
Healing Hearts Spiritual CentreTuesday 4th February 20208.00pmCE
Harlow Spiritual CentreSaturday 8th February 20201.00pmGM
Chelmsford Spiritualist SocietyTuesday 11th February 20207.30pmCE
Wakering Spiritual CentreThursday 13th February 20208.00pmCE
Little Acorn Christian Spiritualist CentreSaturday 15th February 20207.30pmCE
The Oakes Spiritualist CentreFriday 21st February 20207.30pmCE
Potters Bar Spiritualist ChurchSunday 23rd February 20206.30pmCS
Hertford Spiritualist ChurchSunday 1st March 20206.30pmCS
Bourne Spiritual CentreWednesday 4th March 20207.30pmCE
Harlow Spiritual CentreThursday 5th March 20208.00pmCE
The Beacon of Light SNU ChurchSunday 8th March 20206.30pmCS
The Friendship Spiritual CentreTuesday 17th March 20207.45pmCS
Latchingdon Spiritualist ChurchFriday 20th March 20208.00pmCS
St. Albans SNU ChurchThursday 26th March 20207.30pmCE
Colchester Christian Spiritualist ChurchSunday 29th March 20206.30pmCS
The Beacon of Light SNU ChurchSaturday 4th April 20207.30pmSE
Guardian AngelsSunday 5th April 20206.00pmCS
Harrow Spiritualist ChurchWednesday 8th April 20207.45pmCE
Temple of Light Christian Spiritualist ChurchSunday 12th April 20206.30pmCS
St. Albans SNU ChurchThursday 16th April 20207.30pmCE
Bury St. Edmunds & District Spiritualist ChurchSunday 19th April 20206.30pmCS
Huntingdon Spiritualist ChurchSaturday 25th April 20207.30pmCE
The London Spiritual MissionWednesday 29th April 20207.30pmCE
Open Arms HavenSunday 3rd May 20207.30pmCE
Clacton Christian Spiritualist ChurchWednesday 6th May 20207.00pmCE
Welwyn Garden City Christian Spiritualist ChurchSunday 10th May 20206.30pmCS
Brentwood Spiritualist ChurchWednesday 13th May 20207.30pmCE
National Animal Welfare TrustSaturday 16th May 20203.00pmSE
Barnet Centre of FellowshipSunday 24th May 20206.30pmCS
Hertford SNU ChurchThursday 28th May 20207.30pmCE
Hitchin SNU ChurchSunday 31st May 20206.30pmCS
Spiritual WingsTuesday 2nd June 20207.30pmCE
Angel Pathways Spiritualist ChurchSaturday 6th June 20207.30pmCE
Chelmsford Spiritualist SocietyTuesday 9th June 20207.30pmCE
Lynda Oldham Spiritualist CentreThursday 11th June 20207.45pmCE
Randall Memorial Christian Spiritualist ChurchWednesday 1st July 20202.30pmCS
Peterborough Christian Spiritualist ChurchSaturday 4th July 20207.00pmCS
The London Spiritual MissionWednesday 8th July 20207.30pmCE
Potters Bar Spiritualist ChurchSunday 12th July 20206.30pmCS
Wakering Spiritual CentreThursday 16th July 20208.00pmCE
St. Ives Free Church PassageSunday 19th July 20206.30pmCS
Amersham Spiritual CentreFriday 24th July 20207.30pmCS
Kenton Spiritualist ChurchSunday 26th July 20206.30pmCS
Clacton Christian Spiritualist ChurchWednesday 29th July 20207.00pm CE
Latchingdon Spiritualist ChurchFriday 7th August 20208.00pmCE
Peterborough Christian Spiritualist ChurchSaturday 22nd August 20207.00pmCS
Healing Hearts Spiritual CentreTuesday 25th August 20208.00pmCE
Colchester Christian Spiritualist ChurchWednesday 2nd September 20207.30pmCE
Kenton Spiritualist ChurchThursday 3rd September 20207.45pmCE
Ipswich Christian Spiritualist ChurchSaturday 5th September 20207.00pmCE
The Venture CentreMonday 7th September 20207.30pmCE
Open Arms HavenSunday 13th September 20207.30pmCE
Temple of Light Christian Spiritualist ChurchWednesday 16th September 20207.30pmCE
National Animal Welfare TrustSaturday 19th September 20203.00pmSE
St. Albans SNU ChurchSunday 20th September 20206.30pmCS
Brentwood ChurchWednesday 23rd September 20207.30pmSE
The Beacon of Light SNU ChurchThursday 24th September 20207.30pmCS
Bury St. Edmunds & District Spiritualist ChurchSunday 27th September 20206.30pmCS
Harrow Spiritualist ChurchWednesday 30th September 20207.45pmCE
Guardian AngelsSunday 4th October 20206.00pmCS
Hitchin SNU ChurchWednesday 7th October 20207.30pmCE
Huntingdon Spiritualist ChurchSaturday 10th October 20207.30pmCE
Clacton Christian Spiritualist ChurchMonday 12th October 20202.15pmCE
Harrow Spiritualist ChurchSaturday 17th October 20207.30pmSE
Amersham Spiritual CentreFriday 30th October 20207.30pmCS
Barnet Centre of FellowshipSaturday 7th November 20207.00pmCE
Chelmsford Spiritualist SocietyTuesday 10th November 20207.30pmCE
Pelly Court Community HallFriday 13th November 20207.30pmSE
Potters Bar Spiritualist ChurchTuesday 24th November 20207.45pmCE
Brightlingsea Spiritualist MovementTuesday 8th December 20207.30pmCE
St. Albans SNU ChurchThursday 10th December 20207.30pmCE
The London Spiritual MissionWednesday 16th December 20207.30pmCE

Latest Events

Harrow Spiritualist Church
Wednesday 30th September 2020 7.45pm
Guardian Angels
Sunday 4th October 2020 6.00pm
Hitchin SNU Church
Wednesday 7th October 2020 7.30pm
Huntingdon Spiritualist Church
Saturday 10th October 2020 7.30pm
Clacton Christian Spiritualist Church
Monday 12th October 2020 2.15pm
Harrow Spiritualist Church
Saturday 17th October 2020 7.30pm
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