Costa Blanca Feral Cat Trust Update - January 2021

I am pleased to be able to give an update as to how our small family Charity, the Costa Blanca Feral Cat Trust, has been managing to operate throughout this very difficult time, due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Fortunately, our Vet, Monica and our English Trustee, Sue, in Spain, have been able to continue with the ongoing sterilisation programme of the street cats in Calpe and its surrounds.

The Charity continues to send €2000 each time, which allows for 50 cats to be either spayed or neutered, together with receiving their usual MOT and any other additional treatment that may be required. Unfortunately, as Chair and Treasurer of the CBFCT, which I became in 2012, after the sad passing of my dear mother, Vera Davis, (who was the original Founder and Chair of the Charity), I have been unable to bring in any funds from my work as a public demonstration medium due to most of the centres being unable to open because of the current circumstances. However, as we still had some funds available in our account we have been able to continue, at present, by using these. Also, we are pleased to report that we have received more donations than normal, left at the surgery which has enabled the Charity to help with further sterilisations. All of the street cats have to have their left ears clipped, so they can be identified as having been sterilised so as not to endanger them by putting them through the process again.

Not to waste time during last year’s lockdown, I managed to write and publish a book called ‘A Bridge to the Light’, which is now available on Amazon. Wisdom Teachings, my first small book, which contains channelled inspirational sayings, is also now out for sale on Amazon also. Once my public work resumes again, I will then be able to add funds from the demonstrations, together with the sale of my two books, two meditation CDs and bookmarks. All of these monies go towards the Spanish Charity and the voluntary mother and kitten rescue work done here in the UK.

Earlier last year, a heart warming story was given to us by our English Trustee, Sue. Sue had been aware of some Polish beggars living in a hut and they had ten street cats which they had befriended and had much love for, which was lovely to see. With the help of a Polish friend she asked them if she could get them spayed/neutered via our Charity. They agreed and one by one they were taken to the surgery and sterilised. One of the cats was pregnant, so after the four kittens were born and they were old enough, she went back to ask if she could home them, which they agreed to and Sue found homes for each of them. Once the kittens were collected, Sue then took the mother to the surgery for spaying and then returned her. So a happy ending to this story!

We remain grateful to ‘our vet’ Monica for her continued support and dedication to helping the street cats on behalf of our Charity. We are pleased to say that the fee of €40 per cat is still being maintained. As always we extend a warm ‘thank you’ to our Trustees and supporters for their continued efforts in keeping the Charity going. Sue, for her work ‘on the ground’ in Spain and Emma for her work as our Secretary doing all of the administration and keeping everything in order and smooth running. We will be re-applying to Help Animals International, to ask if we will be eligible for a further Grant. We have also been awarded a £1,000 Grant from the Alice Noakes Trust, which we hope to receive in the near future.

Pauline Firks - Treasurer & Chair
Costa Blanca Feral Cat Trust (CBFT)

UK Registered Charity Number: 1074492
Spanish Registered Charity Number: 05 D(a)

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